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Athens 1 day cruise. Poros Island daily departures cruise with lunch

Get a unique chance to see Poros Island yourself on Our Most Beloved
One Day Cruise To Aegina, Poros and Hydra Islands.

Poros is a small, volcanic little island of great beauty with rich vegetation. Much of the northern and far eastern/western sides of the island are bushy, whereas large areas of old pine forest are found in thesouth and center of the island. It is very close to Athens Greece, and is a popular summer resort to both Greeks and foreigners. Many Athenians have summerhouses here, which can be noticed in the weekends, since the island livens up a lot then.

  • Daily Departure to visit Poros Island in the Saronic Gulf
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  • Poros Island
  • Poros Island Join Athens 1 Day Cruise To 3 Islands

Poros island’s name means narrow strait, and is separated from the Peloponnese and the picturesque town of Galatas by a 370 meters canal. It is considered to be a very romantic place, but is also a great destination for families or backpackers.

Poros island is a very green island, as the ferry approaches you can admire the Pines that cover the small hills and the beaches. The town of Poros is build on the small peninsula of Sferia mainly on the small hill overlooking the port. Towards Mikro and Megalo Neorio you will find marinas for yachts and boats.

Recent studies suggest that Poros has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. Graves on the island have been dated to the Mycenaean period, and manmade structures have existed on it since at least 1000 BCE.

God Poseidon was especially worshiped on the island that was called Kalavria during the Greek Antiquity. An ancient Myth tells that Poseidon gave as an exchange for Poros island, Delphi to God Apollo because the island firstly belonged to the God of the Sun. Several excavations show that the island was inhabited from the prehistoric times and also during the Mycenaean times.

Poros island had many foreign rulers, just like the rest of Greece, through history. Because of Hydras power in the 18th century, Poros island was quite outshone, but the island contributed to the War of Independence that started in 1821. In Poros island the first borders of Greece where confirmed in a meeting between the fist Greek Governer Kapodistrias and the ambassadors of Great Britain, France and Russia in 1828.

The fist naval base and shipyards of Greece after Greek Independence was founded in Poros as well as the first school of Naval cadets. The famous Battle Ship Averof was docked in Poros island until recent years, now the ship is docked in Faliro area.

The ruins of the Temple of Poseidon from the 6th century BC and the Monastery Zoodochos Pigis (“Life-giving Source”) are the two proper sights on Poros island. There are also many old, interesting buildings in Poros town like The Clocktower which offers a breathtaking view.

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Poros Island
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 4 reviews
by Laskar on Poros Island
My favourite getaway

Everytime I come to Athens on work, I have made it a point to visit Poros.

The best part of Poros, at least for me, is the beautiful thick forests that come right up to the edge of the beaches, and the food, which is simply fabulous and and they come at pretty reasonable rates too at the numerous family-owned taverns along the waterfront. My favorites are local delicacies, including grilled meat and fish, lachanodolmades (stuffed cabbage) and tiropita (cheese pies). The main street of Poros is along the channel that divides the island from Peloponnese and the area is bustling with activity all the time of the day. Sitting in the cafes by the channel and watching the goings on is one of the most relaxing pastimes for me. Best beaches are the Love Bay, Neorio and Askeli. I love each one for different reasons. Love Bay for the beautiful green nature, Neorio because it is in a walking distance from the town and Askeli for the jet hires and the sports!

by Robert on Poros Island
Tour / Cruise Name: Poros Island

I loved my time in Poros. One day I sat to eat at a local taverna and i had the most marvelous view to the sea. I loved looking out and seeing the boats at the port as i was eating and taking a stroll along the port side. Great trip, I was completely satisfied!

by Aidan on Poros Island
Tour / Cruise Name: Poros Island

Poros was a great option for me, because I didn't have many days available in order to travel to other popular islands and needed something near by. It was beautiful nonetheless, i was very satisfied. Great options for food, beautiful beaches and nice locals!

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Famous For

  • The Lemon Forest

  • The Rich Green Scenery

  • The Temple of Poseidon

What to Visit

  • The Clock Tower

  • The Monastery Zoodochos Pigis
    (“Life-giving Source”)

How to Visit

Aegina Island

Aegina Island

Hydra Island

Hydra Island

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